Tue 26 May 2020

Tarantula molts and feeding

In the afternoon I noticed that the Psalmopoeus irminia sling I keep had molted; I saw the exoskeleton dangling from a piece of moss coming out of the cork tube it lives in. Because I had an appointment I couldn't take photos, so that I did in the evening.

Psalmopoeus irminia molt
The exoskeleton of a Psalmopoeus irminia.

In the evening, after I had taken the above photo I also spotted a cast-off exoskeleton in the terrarium in which I keep a Pterinochilus murinus sling. On the 12th of this month it had already opened its burrow, and I suspected back then that it had molted. And now I had proof. Maybe I overlooked the exoskeleton earlier because it was underneath the leaf of a plastic plant.

Pterinochilus murinus molt
The (partial) exoskeleton of a Pterinochilus murinus.

I also checked on the Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens sling I keep, which recently also molted. Because it moved out of its webbing I decided to try to feed it, and it readily accepted a pre-killed mealworm, Tenebrio molitor.

5 Types Of ZSH Aliases You Should Know

I use Docker, Kubernetes, and Microsoft Azure every day. That said, it makes sense for me to have aliases supporting me with these tools and environments. However, maybe you are using different clouds and command-line tools so that you will end up with different aliases. The key takeaway should be that you create and use aliases to help you get your job done.

Source: 5 Types Of ZSH Aliases You Should Know, an article by Thorsten Hans.

Better git diffs with FZF

Sometimes I find the git diff command a little inconvenient. It can throw a lot of information at the screen at once. I use git diff not only for verifying my changes before a commit, but also to review pull requests, or for finding bugs introduced between two commits. In the situations when you’re looking at a lot of changed files, having to scroll up and down so much is tedious.

Source: Better git diffs with FZF, an article by Rafael Mendiola.