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17 May 2020

10 most common mistakes using kubernetes

We had the chance to see quite a bit of clusters in our years of experience with kubernetes (both managed and unmanaged - on GCP, AWS and Azure), and we see some mistakes being repeated. No shame in that, we’ve done most of these too!

I'll try to show the ones we see very often and talk a bit about how to fix them.

Source: 10 most common mistakes using kubernetes, an article by Marek Bartik.

You don't need an image to run a container

As we already know, containers are just isolated and restricted Linux processes. We also learned that it's fairly simple to create a container with a single executable file inside starting from scratch image (i.e. without putting a full Linux distribution in there). This time we will go even further and demonstrate that containers don't require images at all. And after that, we will try to justify the actual need for images and their place in the containerverse.

Source: You don't need an image to run a container, an article by Ivan Velichko.