Thu 23 Apr 2020

Warnings are Errors

We all know what to do when our compiler spits out an error. The error indicates that we’ve made a mistake somewhere. What we do with errors is obvious: fix the error to get things running again.

But what about compiler warnings? They indicate that there might be a problem lurking somewhere. They most often indicate a potential bug, a small mishap or some other problems.

I think we should treat warnings with the same respect and severity as errors. We should stop work and fix them immediately. We should not continue with other matters before these problems have been resolved.

Source: Warnings are Errors, an article by Ari Autio.

Why I Prefer systemd Timers Over Cron

systemd has become a mainstay for the Linux world, but one of the things that still seems to stick around is cron jobs. It’s understandable, as cron is a tool that we have been using for a long time. Change is hard, but I think systemd Timers make the change well worth it. Here are a few reasons why…

Source: Why I Prefer systemd Timers Over Cron, an article by Thomas Stringer.