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Wed 22 Apr 2020


Harry Hole is not in a good place. Rakel--the only woman he's ever loved--has ended it with him, permanently. He's been given a chance for a new start with the Oslo Police, but it's in the cold case office, when what he really wants is to be investigating cases he suspects have ties to Svein Finne, the serial rapist and murderer who Harry helped put behind bars. And now, Finne is free after a decade-plus in prison--free and, Harry is certain, unreformed and ready to take up where he left off. But things will get worse. When Harry wakes up the morning after a drunken night with blood that's clearly not his own on his hands, it's only the very beginning of what will be a waking nightmare the likes of which even he could never have imagined.

In the early afternoon I started in Knife, a new Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbø.

Aphonopelma seemanni Terrarium

In the evening I managed to get the lid off the plastic tub I keep an Aphonopelma seemanni in without disturbing the large spider. The tarantula was partially outside of its hide; a great opportunity to take some photos of my current set up.

Aphonopelma seemanni terrarium
Aphonopelma seemanni terrarium; a large plastic tub.

In the above photo you can see fake plants, a cork tube cut in half for a hide, a plastic bottle cap for water and some real moss. I keep the moss moist and let the rest of the substrate dry out more; it's still quite moist. The substrate is a mix of coco peat and sand.

I bought the Aphonopelma seemanni the 7th of March and so far it has been doing great in my care. I feed it regularly either Tenebrio molitor larvae or pupae.

Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases

A large majority of computer systems have some state and are likely to depend on a storage system. My knowledge on databases accumulated over time, but along the way our design mistakes caused data loss and outages. In data-heavy systems, databases are at the core of system design goals and tradeoffs. Even though it is impossible to ignore how databases work, the problems that application developers foresee and experience will often be just the tip of the iceberg. In this series, I’m sharing a few insights I specifically found useful for developers who are not specialized in this domain.

Source: Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases, an article by Jaana B. Dogan.