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Sun 22 Mar 2020

Secure by Design

I really like Secure by Design. The key idea is that there is a big overlap between secure code and good software design. Code that is strict, clear and focused will be easier to reason about, and will have fewer bugs. This in turn makes it less vulnerable to attacks. This is easy to say, but Secure by Design is full of techniques for how to actually do this. Here are the ideas from the book that I liked the most.

Source: Secure by Design, a book review by Henrik Warne.

Thoughts on Vim Bindings

It started with a colleague of mine mentioning that he’d started using Vim bindings in his non-Vim editor, and he quite preferred it. I thought I’d give it a try, and haven’t looked back. I find it empowering being able to do quite complex things with a few keystrokes.

Source: Thoughts on Vim Bindings, an article by Jon Grythe Stødle.

Decision Tree Classifiers Explained

Decision Tree Classifier is a simple Machine Learning model that is used in classification problems. It is one of the simplest Machine Learning models used in classifications, yet done properly and with good training data, it can be incredibly effective in solving some tasks.

Source: Decision Tree Classifiers Explained, an article by Marius Borcan.