Sat 21 Mar 2020

Secure Rust Guidelines

Nevertheless, due to its versatility, the language possibly offers some constructions that, if not used properly, can introduce security problems, either by or by making code misinterpreted by the programmer or a reviewer. In addition, as for every tool in the compilation or software verification field, the tools used to develop, compile and execute programs can expose certain features or configurations that, if misused, may lead to vulnerabilities.

Thus, the object of this document is to compile hints and recommendations to stay in a safe zone for secure applications development while taking advantage of the range of possibilities Rust language can offer.

Source: Secure Rust Guidelines.

How to teach your kids at home

Parents are all teachers now. A Quartz team made up of education reporters, former teachers, and parents have compiled useful resources to help parents navigate this transition. They are neither comprehensive nor meant to replace the learning your kids’ schools are trying to put in place. They are things to use to augment school assignments and help fill the other hours in ways that that you, and hopefully your kids, can feel good about.

Source: How to teach your kids at home.