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Thu 20 Feb 2020

The Noise Within

On the brink of perfecting the long sought-after human/AI interface, Philip Kaufman finds his world thrown into turmoil as a scandal from the past returns to haunt him and dangerous information falls into his hands. Pursued by assassins and attacked in his own home, he flees. Leyton, a government black-ops specialist, is diverted from his usual duties to hunt down the elusive pirate vessel The Noise Within, wondering all the while why this particular freebooter is considered so important. Two lives collide in this stunning space-opera from debut novelist Ian Whates!

In the afternoon I started in The Noise within by Ian Whates. The book was given to me by my friend Simon as part of a birthday present two days ago.

Cover of The Noise Within by Ian Whates
Cover of The Noise Within by Ian Whates.

Why you shouldn't use func main in Go

A simple abstraction for your Go programs can make your code more readable, and much more testable.

Source: Why you shouldn't use func main in Go, an article by Mat Ryer.