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Wed 19 Feb 2020

On Sigils

One thing that distinguishes Perl from other languages is its use of sigils; the funny looking symbols placed in front of variable names. As experienced Perl programmers, we assume sigils are an essential part of Perl, but when I dream about my ideal version of Perl, I go back-and-forth as to how sigils would work, and even whether they’re required at all.

Source: On Sigils, an article by David Farrell.

Null in Python: Understanding Python's NoneType Object

Python uses the keyword None to define null objects and variables. While None does serve some of the same purposes as null in other languages, it’s another beast entirely. As the null in Python, None is not defined to be 0 or any other value. In Python, None is an object and a first-class citizen!

Source: Null in Python: Understanding Python's NoneType Object

7 Principles of Icon Design

Creating a high-quality icon family requires a thoughtful approach, a trained eye, a bit of iteration, and a lot of practice. Below, I’ll illustrate the hallmarks of quality through 7 principles and plenty of real-world examples. The goal is to tune you to the key attributes of great icon design.

Source: 7 Principles of Icon Design, an article by Helena Zhang.