Sun 26 Jan 2020

Why I went back working on 24-inch screen from a 32-inch screen

This is a guide that I wish I have had when I was buying a 4k 32-inch screen “to be more productive”. If you are using macOS and think about buying a 4k monitor for office or programming work, this article might be useful to you.

For me, it turned out that the new, expensive monitor made me less productive even after a month of using it.

Source: Why I went back working on 24-inch 1080p screen from a 32-inch 4k screen, an article by Iwan.

Correct sRGB Dithering

This is a brain-dump inspired by a thread on twitter about correct™ dither in sRGB, meaning, to choose the dither pattern in such a way as to preserve the physical brightness of the original pixels. This is in principle a solved problem, but the devil is in the details that are easily overlooked, especially when dithering to only a few quantization levels.

Source: Correct sRGB Dithering, an article by Christian Schüler.