Sat 25 Jan 2020

A visit to Rotterdam

In the morning we left for Rotterdam. We took the bus to the train station in Schiedam and took the train to Rotterdam Blaak.

Cube houses, Rotterdam Blaak
Cube houses, Rotterdam Blaak.

We took several photos of the well-known buildings near the station, which looks like a wilted sunflower. After a visit to the market and the Markthal; a covered market, we paid a visit to the second book store "De Slegte", from which I took the photo below.

An overview of Rotterdam Blaak
An overview of Rotterdam Blaak.

In the above photo you can see from left to right: the library, the Blaak tower ("the pencil"), the cube houses, the train station ("the sunflower"), and Markthal. In front of those you can see the market.