Tue 26 Nov 2019

Lightweight API design in Swift

One of the most powerful aspects of Swift is just how much flexibility it gives us when it comes to how APIs can be designed. Not only does that flexibility enable us to define functions and types that are easier to understand and use — it also lets us create APIs that give a very lightweight first impression, while still progressively disclosing more power and complexity if needed.

Source: Lightweight API design in Swift, an article by John Sundell.

Benchmark on Python Microframeworks

In the complex world of web development, as the popularity of frontend framework such as React and Vue increase, Python is left to exist to be the language of a backend framework such as Flask and Django. Django is a fullstack web framework with built in ORM, user management, template renderer and tons of plug and use plugins. While Flask, Sanic are micro framework which are designed to stay lean and fast. So what are the key point developers should consider when choosing their next project’s backend framework?

Source: Benchmark on Python Microframeworks