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18 Nov 2019

The Value in Go's Simplicity

After using Go for a couple years, I’ve really come to appreciate its simplicity. I started writing Go at work a couple months ago, and have found it really easy to iterate on – much more so than Python and Java.

Source: The Value in Go's Simplicity, an article by Benjamin Congdon.

Autism And Intelligence: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Several studies have shown a genetic link between autism and intelligence; genes that contribute to autism risk also contribute to high IQ. But studies show autistic people generally have lower intelligence than neurotypical controls, often much lower. What is going on?

Source: Autism And Intelligence: Much More Than You Wanted To Know, an article by Scott Alexander.

When to use pointers in Go

One of my pet peeves is finding places in Go code where pointers are being used, when it’d be better if they weren’t. I think one of the major misconceptions of where you want to use pointers comes from the idea that a pointer in Go is pretty much like a pointer in C.

Source: When to use pointers in Go, an article by Dylan Meeus.