Fri 25 Oct 2019

The story of getting SSH port 22

Anyway, I designed SSH to replace both telnet (port 23) and ftp (port 21). Port 22 was free. It was conveniently between the ports for telnet and ftp. I figured having that port number might be one of those small things that would give some aura of credibility. But how could I get that port number? I had never allocated one, but I knew somebody who had allocated a port.

Source: The story of getting SSH port 22, an article by Tatu Ylonen with useful information regarding SSH; a recommended read.

More Kudos

I suppose it might be better for me to move my link sharing to a medium such as this so I can at least hopefully provide some commentary on the content, à la Plurrrr or Trivium, but somewhat more.

This platform itself has room for growth, such as implementing fancy quotes and proper archiving, neither of which is present now. But it's a start, and perhaps the start is all that's needed.

Source: shortform.

shortform kudos
Plurrrr mentioned on shortform.

This is the second time that another blogger mentions Plurrrr. Again, found while checking backlinks to this blog.

Version 4.0.0 of tumblelog has been released

In the evening I pushed version 4.0.0 of tumblelog to GitHub.

This major update adds a year calendar, which makes it possible to navigate to a specific date. See the year calendar for 2019 in action.

This new version has also an overview per active month, which only shows the titles of each day, not the entire content because that would make very long pages, at least for this blog. See an example of an overview for the month September, 2019 in action.

Because of this month view page titles are now mandatory.