Fri 04 Oct 2019

Crontab Guru

In the early afternoon I checked out the site; the cron schedule expression editor. A very handy site for if you can't remember the syntax used by cron files.

crontab guru in action
The site crontab guru in action.

GNU Coreutils Gotchas

We make very careful considerations about the interface and operation of the GNU coreutils, but unfortunately due to backwards compatibility reasons, some behaviours or defaults of these utilities can be confusing.

This information will continue to be updated and overlaps somewhat with the coreutils FAQ, with this list focusing on less frequent potential issues.

Source: Coreutils Gotchas.

In the late afternoon, while checking backlinks to I noticed that Martin Borchert had linked to my site from his meta (about this site) page. And not just a link, no, Plurrrr was in a list of favourite and inspirational websites of Martin. website list's list of favourite websites.

I repeat Martin's list below because some of those sites listed have inspired me as well when working on Plurrrr:

I am proud to be in this great list. And happy to have found some new sites I hadn't heard of before. Thanks Martin!