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21 Oct 2019

How To Use Git to Manage Your Writing Project

In this tutorial you’ll use Git to manage a small Markdown document. You’ll store an initial version, commit it, make changes, view the difference between those changes, and review the previous version. When you’re done, you’ll have a workflow you can apply to your own writing projects.

Source: How To Use Git to Manage Your Writing Project, an article by Brian Hogan.

Python Tooling Makes a Project Tick

This interactive guide will help you set up your project (or level up your skills) with the current Python best practices making sure that you can focus on the awesome idea you have and not worry about racking up technical debt with code that’s hard to maintain. Although we cover quite a few tools, you will see a lot of them are bundled in one or two commands so you can run all of them at the same time.

Source: Python Tooling Makes a Project Tick, an article by Adithya Balaji.