Mon 14 Oct 2019

How to enable SSH session recording in CentOS 8

CentOS 8 has been released and it includes some really amazing features. One feature that many security admins will greatly appreciate is session recording. With this feature, CentOS will record any/all SSH sessions, which includes all of the user activity that occurs during the session. Once recorded, videos of these sessions can be played back by any admin with a Cockpit login.

Source: How to enable SSH session recording in CentOS 8, an article by Jack Wallen.

Using a Makefile

Because tumblelog has many arguments it's a good idea to store the command and its arguments somewhere. While it's possible to create an alias or a bash script, for example, I decided to use a Makefile.

In the evening I finished documenting how to use a Makefile to compile the Sass stylesheet to CSS, run tumblelog, and upload the generated microblog.