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Mon 30 Sep 2019

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Just after midnight I started in Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragonlance Chronicles Book 1 by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

In the past I have read Dragonlance Legends (Omnibus): Time of the Twins; War of the Twins; Test of the Twins, and Dragons of a Fallen Sun, Dragonlance: The War of Souls, Volume I. Both which I enjoyed.

I also love the Death Gate Cycle by the same authors; a series of 7 books which starts with Dragon Wing. I have read this series at least 3 times; highly recommended.

Adding a user to the sudo group

In the early evening I had to add myself as a user to the sudo group. I did this as follows:

sudo usermod -a -G sudo john

The option -a appends the user to the supplementary group given by the -G option, in this case sudo.