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Tue 27 Aug 2019

Refactoring to Multiple Exit Points

Functions should have only a single entry point. We all agree on that. But some people also argue that functions should have a single exit that returns the value. More people don't seem to care enough about how their functions are organized. I think that makes functions a lot more complicated than they have to be. So let's talk about function organization and how multiple exit points can help.

Source: Refactoring to Multiple Exit Points, a post by Martijn Faassen; a nice refactoring walk-through.

Make Your Own CPAN Distribution

Creating and publishing your own distribution is simple thanks to the tools baked right into the CPAN ecosystem. Let’s make a simple “hello world” distribution, and feel free to play along at home! The code of the distribution we’re going to make here is up on GitHub.

Just before midnight I read Make Your Own CPAN Distribution.

I plan to release a Perl module on CPAN soon.