Wed 21 Aug 2019

The Daemoniac: an entertaining read

In the early afternoon, just before work, I finished The Daemoniac. It was an entertaining read, I liked the young female protagonist a lot.

In the "Note to the reader" the author, Kat Ross, explains that in the sequel, The Thirteenth Gate, she brings together the characters of her Fourth Element series and the Dominion mystery series. So, before I start in this sequel I want first to read the Fourth Element trilogy, probably next month.


In the year 2204, humanity is expanding into the wider galaxy in leaps and bounds. Cutting-edge technology of linked jump gates has rendered most forms of transportation—including starships—virtually obsolete. Every place on Earth, every distant planet humankind has settled, is now merely a step away from any other. All seems wonderful—until a crashed alien spaceship of unknown origin is found on a newly located world eighty-nine light-years from Earth, carrying a cargo as strange as it is horrifying. To assess the potential of the threat, a high-powered team is dispatched to investigate. But one of them may not be all they seem. . . .

In the evening I started in Salvation, the first book in the Salvation Sequence by Peter F. Hamilton.

I've read most of Hamilton's books and I like his writing a lot, so I look forward to the start of this new series.

Planet of Adventure

Stranded on the distant planet Tschai, young Adam Reith is the sole survivor of a space mission who discovers the world is inhabited--not only by warring alien cultures, but human slaves as well, taken early in Earth's history. Reith must find a way off planet to warn the Earth of Tschai's deadly existence. ⇧ Against a backdrop of baroque cities and haunted wastelands, sumptuous palaces and riotous inns, Reith will encounter deadly wastrels and murderous aliens, dastardly villains and conniving scoundrels.

And always the random beauty in need of rescue...

Source: GoodReads.

Late in the evening I talked with Adam. He asked me if he could read one of my books and I asked him and Esme to show me the bookcase with the camera, as they are in Mexico and I am in The Netherlands.

I recommended Planet of Adventure by Jack Vance; one of my favourite books by this author.

The cover of "Planet of Adventure" by Jack Vance
The cover of "Planet of Adventure" by Jack Vance.

When Adam read the back of the book and discovered his name he jumped up and down and yelled "I am a character in a book". He went outside and told his sister, Alice, as well. He was very happy, more so when I told him he was in fact named after the protagonist in the book.