Wed 17 Jul 2019

The PGP Problem

Cryptography engineers have been tearing their hair out over PGP’s deficiencies for (literally) decades. When other kinds of engineers get wind of this, they’re shocked. PGP is bad? Why do people keep telling me to use PGP? The answer is that they shouldn’t be telling you that, because PGP is bad and needs to go away.

In the evening I read The PGP Problem on the Latacora blog.

Two quick notes: first, we wrote this for engineers, not lawyers and activists. Second: “PGP” can mean a bunch of things, from the OpenPGP standard to its reference implementation in GnuPG. We use the term “PGP” to cover all of these things.

A highly recommended read, thanks!

Turn your fzf into a live REPL

I just came up with this idea of abusing fzf --preview flag to turn simple commands into live REPL with instant feedback loop

I installed the fuzzy finder (FZF) earlier this month and have been using it a few times, but this use is new to me. After reading the examples I had to try one of my own, a Perl REPL:

echo '' | fzf --print-query \
      --preview 'perl -e {q}'

This works great for small stuff like making a few calculations!