Sat 06 Jul 2019

How FZF and ripgrep improved my workflow

Today I want to talk about fzf and ripgrep, two tools I use all the time when working in Vim and the terminal. They have become an absolutely vital part of my workflow. Ever since I started using them I can’t imagine myself functioning without them anymore.

Source: How FZF and ripgrep improved my workflow.

After reading the above article by Sidney Liebrand I wanted to give the command-line fuzzy finder (FZF) a spin. And since it is available via Mac Ports I installed it on my Mac mini using:

sudo port install fzf

After playing with this program for a bit I was convinced that FZF will become a part of my workflow as well, so I installed it also in a virtual machine running Ubuntu 19.04 I use for development as follows:

sudo apt install fzf