a tumblelog
Tue 26 Mar 2019

First Post

Back in 2003 I started my first microblog. This is a continuation of this blog and it runs aside my new full blog. This tumblelog will be dedicated to short posts, notes, quotes, and link dumps.

I wrote the code that generates this static site in Perl and it will be soon available via my GitHub page.

The current layout is heavily based on the well-known tumblelog Anarchaia. Colors where picked from the Emacs Soothe theme by Jason Milkins.

What the Plurrrrrr!

Years ago I bought the domain Yesterday I started coding, the program that generates the static pages for this site, planning to use this domain. And today I noticed that I had let go this domain some time ago. So I just added one additional r. And hurray, was available.

A Simple Makefile Tutorial

Used a simple makefile tutorial to create a small Makefile that generates the pages for this site via and uploads the local version of this site using rsync.

How to manipulate CSS colors with JavaScript

This write up on manipulating CSS colors has a great intro on the two different color models CSS uses: RGB and HSL.

Installing the CommonMark Perl module on Ubuntu 18.10

sudo apt install -y libcmark-dev
sudo apt install -y make gcc
sudo apt install -y cpanminus
sudo cpanm CommonMark

Building Virtual Machine Labs

I downloaded the hands-on guide Building Virtual Machine Labs by Tony Robinson, which can be downloaded for free as PDF. I plan to start working through this guide starting next week.