Mon 12 Jun 2023

Modern CSS in Real Life

By any measure, CSS has gotten a lot better in recent years. It’s gotten more useful features, better interoperability between browsers, and become easier to learn thanks to a concerted push toward making CSS a cohesive system free of quirks and hacks.

Source: Modern CSS in Real Life, an article by Chris Coyier.

Monad Transformers 101

In this post, I go over what monad transformers are and how to use them. I go into the internals of some common transformers, and we see how monad transformers are essentially functions that take in a monad and return an "augmented" monad with extra capabilities. We finish with a discussion of two different ways of using monad transformers, mtl-style and transformers-style.

Source: Monad Transformers 101, an article by William Yao.