Tue 06 Jun 2023

Three-way handshake bypassing Little Snitch

There has been some discussion recently about the bypassing of Little Snitch by the first datagram of a three-way TCP handshake. The facts: When a deny-rule for a domain is set in Little Snitch, and a TCP connection is made to that domain, a TCP SYN data packet is sent to the remote server. Although this packet does not carry any payload, it does include crucial information such as your IP address, as well as the sending and receiving port numbers.

Source: Three-way handshake bypassing Little Snitch.

Modern Image Processing Algorithms Overview & Implementation in C

Image processing plays a crucial role in numerous fields, ranging from computer vision and medical imaging to surveillance systems and photography. The implementation of image processing algorithms in programming languages like C has become increasingly important due to the need for efficient and optimized solutions especially on embedded devices where computing power is still limited.

Source: Modern Image Processing Algorithms Overview & Implementation in C/C++.

ORM - data model vs domain model

There’s been quite a lot of discussion lately about whether or not to use an ORM. As someone who’s been both proponent and opponent of the use of ORM’s over the years, I figured I’d write a blog post about my current opinion on the matter (which may change again a couple of times in the future ;-)).

Source: ORM - data model vs domain model, an article by Gert Goeman.