Tue 23 May 2023

Removing PGP from PyPI

If you are someone who is currently uploading signatures, your package uploads will continue to succeed, but any PGP signatures will be silently ignored. If you are someone who is currently downloading PGP signatures, existing signatures SHOULD continue to be available 1, but no new signatures will be made available. The related API fields such as has_sig have all been hardcoded to always be False.

Source: Removing PGP from PyPI, an article by Donald Stufft.

The Art of Code Review

I have been known for my notorious code reviews within the team, which some people hated, and others hated even more. In the end, it’s a joy to see the people who despised my reviews coming back and thanking me for a great time we both spent improving. Undoubtedly, my reviewing skills have a long way to go, but the positive feedback I’ve received over time motivated me to write this article. I would like to explore what made people love and hate my reviews, and how you can learn from that to become a better reviewer in your team.

Source: The Art of Code Review, an article by Artem Zakharchenko.

A Semester of HLS: An Internship Report

Historically, tooling hasn’t been the strongest aspect of the Haskell ecosystem. However, it has come a long way. A major contribution from the last few years is the Haskell Language Server (HLS). I wanted to learn more about GHC internals, and the general compilation pipeline. What better way to learn about these than to work on HLS, helping further improve Haskell tooling in the meanwhile?

Source: A Semester of HLS: An Internship Report, an article by Berk Özkütük.