Thu 18 May 2023

The Case For Bash

Bash is oft-maligned: you hear it sneered at in sentences like "our continuous integration pipeline is just a pile of bash scripts." It is commonly regarded as unintelligible and thus unmaintainable. The pile of bash scripts are the toxic byproduct of an infrastructure team understaffed, pressed for time, unwilling or unable to do it "the right way" in a blessed programming language, such as Ruby, Python, or, uh, ... YAML?

Source: The case for bash, an article by Chris Dickinson.

Understanding database Indexes in PostgreSQL

There are three types of developers: those who know that indexes speed up database queries, those who know that indexes speed up database queries and take additional space and time to write, and those who have a more profound knowledge about indexes, their advantages, disadvantages, different types and much more. Unfortunately, the first and the second group is the most numerous.

This article will help you understand SQL indexes if you fall into the first two groups. If you know a lot about indexes, this article will help you organize your knowledge and remind you about good practices. SQL is a declarative language meaning it tells the database what we want to do but not how to achieve it. The database engine decides how to pull data. We can help the query planner by using indexes.

Source: Understanding database Indexes in PostgreSQL, an article by Paweł Dąbrowski.

Read Every Single Error

You should read every error message that your system produces. Simple but effective. Our team pumps every 5XX into a Slack channel and reviewing each of these is a top priority for the current on-call engineer. There’s a little more to it, but that’s the gist! Commit to this process and your error rates are guaranteed to drop. And I can prove it!

Source: Read Every Single Error, an article by Evan Boyle.

Plane (2023)

A pilot finds himself caught in a war zone after he's forced to land his commercial aircraft during a terrible storm.

In the evening Esme and I watched Plane. I liked the movie and give it an 8 out of 10.