Tue 16 May 2023

Real Multithreading is Coming to Python

Python is 32 years old language, yet it still doesn't have proper, true parallelism/concurrency. This is going to change soon, thanks to introduction of a "Per-Interpreter GIL" (Global Interpreter Lock) which will land in Python 3.12. While release of Python 3.12 is some months away, the code is already there, so let's take an early peek at how we can use it to write truly concurrent Python code using sub-interpreters API.

Source: Real Multithreading is Coming to Python, an article by Martin Heinz.

ES2023 introduces new array copying methods to JavaScript

The ECMAScript 2023 specification has been recently finalised. It includes some new methods on the Array object that will help make our JavaScript programs more predictable and maintainable. The methods toSorted, toReversed, toSpliced, and with allow you to perform operations on arrays by without changing the data in place, but by making a copy and changing that copy. Read on to learn the difference and how to start using them in your projects.

Source: ES2023 introduces new array copying methods to JavaScript, an article by Phil Nash.

OpenSnitch in Debian ready for prime time

A bit delayed, the interactive application firewall OpenSnitch package in Debian now got the latest fixes ready for Debian Bookworm. Because it depend on a package missing on some architectures, the autopkgtest check of the testing migration script did not understand that the tests were actually working, so the migration was delayed. A bug in the package dependencies is also fixed, so those installing the firewall package (opensnitch) now also get the GUI admin tool (python3-opensnitch-ui) installed by default. I am very grateful to Gustavo Iñiguez Goya for his work on getting the package ready for Debian Bookworm.

Source: OpenSnitch in Debian ready for prime time, an article by Petter Reinholdtsen.