Tue 02 May 2023

Goodbye to Flake8 and PyLint: faster linting with Ruff

Flake8 and PyLint are commonly used, and very useful, linting tools: they can help you find potential bugs and other problems with your code, aka “lints”. But they can also be slow. And even if they’re fast on your computer, they may still be slow in your CI system (GitHub Actions, GitLab, or whatever else.)

Happily, there’s a new linter available, Ruff, which is much faster. And it supports many of the same lints, including those from many of Flake8’s plugins.

In this article we’ll get a sense of why Ruff’s extra linting speed is so useful compared to the alternatives.

Source: Goodbye to Flake8 and PyLint: faster linting with Ruff, an article by Itamar Turner-Trauring.

Error handling patterns

Error handling is a fundamental aspect of programming. Unless you are writing “hello world”, you will need to handle errors in your code. In this post, I will discuss a bit the most common approaches used by various programming languages.

Source: Error handling patterns, an article by Andrea Bergia.