Mon 24 Apr 2023

Why I use Nix and make(1) to develop

After some more thinking about this subject, it was clear to me that using make the way it is presented here might give you the following advantages:

  1. You have a standard way to build your system that Non-Nix users can leverage
  2. It’s relatively easier to reason about the build steps

ON THE OTHER HAND, this also gave me a really interesting idea that got me excited to try. What are the advantages of using Nix as a make replacement?

  1. You have a single tool to manage dependencies and build steps

Source: Why I use Nix and make(1) to develop, an article by Victor Freire.

Leverage the richness of HTTP status codes

If you’re not a REST expert, you probably use the same HTTP codes over and over in your responses, mostly 200, 404, and 500. If using authentication, you might perhaps add 401 and 403; if using redirects 301 and 302, that might be all. But the range of possible status codes is much broader than that and can improve semantics a lot. While many discussions about REST focus on entities and methods, using the correct response status codes can make your API stand out.

Source: Leverage the richness of HTTP status codes, an article by Nicolas Fränkel.