Sun 19 Mar 2023

Go slow to move fast

There’s isn’t a universal answer to the best way to balance development velocity against technical debt. Thinking of debt as something taken on intentionally by a team to increase their short-term velocity at the expense of future work is an easy to apply strategy that has many benefits to engineering teams while also simplifying the concept for less technical individuals. By measuring accrued debt against long-term baselines and ceilings, engineering managers can get a feel for how much this debt is impacting their teams, and this data can be used to aid in prioritization decisions and high-level discussions with stakeholders.

If your goal to to increase your teams' overall development velocity in the long term, remember that you may want to slow down so that you can move fast.

Source: Go slow to move fast, an article by Jordan Kaye.

A different approach to fuzzy finding

After growing frustrated by various fuzzy finders not being as accurate as I expected, I designed a new fuzzy finder called zf. I have mentioned zf in passing many times, but until now I haven’t taken the time to write about it in detail. In short, zf is a new terminal fuzzy finder with a ranking algorithm designed specifically for filtering filepaths. It has been rewarding to develop and use, and perhaps you will enjoy it too!

Source: A different approach to fuzzy finding, an article by Nathan Craddock.