Sat 25 Feb 2023

Critical or High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Containers

An alarming 87% of container images running in production have critical or high-severity vulnerabilities, up from 75% a year ago, according to the "Sysdig 2023 Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report." Yet only 15% of those unpatched critical and high-severity vulnerabilities are in packages in use at runtime when patches are available.

Source: 87% of Container Images in Production Have Critical or High-Severity Vulnerabilities, an article by Jeffrey Schwartz.

Go test and parallelism

I was recently debugging an issue in some integration-style Go tests which made me realize that I didn't have a very deep understanding of how parallelism works when using go test. I knew that there were ways that Go could parallelize tests, and I thought it had something to do with using t.Parallel() inline in each of my test functions.

Because I feel the concurrency behavior of go test is non-obvious, and for posterity so I don't forget in the future, I wanted to write something up here to document my understanding of how go test parallelization works as of Go 1.19.

Source: go test and parallelism, an article by Bryce Neal.

The Whale (2022)

A reclusive, morbidly obese English teacher attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter.

In the evening Esme and I watched The Whale. I liked the movie and give it an 8 out of 10.