Mon 23 Jan 2023

Introducing Zero to Nix

We at Determinate Systems are pleased to announce our initial release of Zero to Nix, a brand new learning resource for Nix. You can check it out at Zero to Nix is mostly targeted at two groups:

  1. People who are curious about Nix but haven’t yet taken the time to really explore it (perhaps because they’ve felt intimated by it).
  2. People who are pretty sure they would benefit from Nix and have tried to cross the chasm to using it in their daily workflows but haven’t gotten there yet.

Source: Introducing Zero to Nix, an article by Luc Perkins.

Announcing nixos-rebuild: a "new" deployment tool for NixOS

The title of this post is tongue-in-cheek; nixos-rebuild is a tool that has been around for a long time and there’s nothing new about it. However, I believe that not enough people know how capable this tool is for building and deploying remote NixOS systems. In other words, nixos-rebuild is actually a decent alternative to tools like morph or colmena.

Source: Haskell for all: Announcing nixos-rebuild: a "new" deployment tool for NixOS, an article by Gabriella Gonzalez.