Mon 14 Nov 2022

Taking off with Nix at FlightAware

At the time of writing, most articles on the Nix package manager are written with individuals or small teams in mind. Unfortunately, these articles do not offer much insight or advice on adopting Nix across an entire engineering organization. This blog post is our attempt to fix that.

Source: Taking off with Nix at FlightAware, an article by Andrew Brooks.

Python, Catastrophic Regular Expressions and the GIL

The other day at work one of our python processes stopped responding. It was on one of our servers that was responsible for fetching and analyzing the web pages that we might recommend to people.

By the time I got around to debugging this problem, the last log message was over 20 minutes old - and the server had been maxed out at 100% CPU for the whole time. And while it wasn’t dead, it wasn’t responding to any requests, or even sending out any heartbeats. Even worse, in the meantime this problem had repeated itself on another server. Our whole ability to ingest new web pages looked to be going down one server at a time.

Source: Python, Catastrophic Regular Expressions and the GIL, an article by Ben Frederickson.