Sun 06 Nov 2022

The essence of Reed-Solomon coding

Let’s say we want to store some data on multiple drives, so that we can recover from drive failures.

One obvious (and valid!) first attempt is to just store everything multiple times – usually called “mirroring”. The most common form of mirroring is to store things twice: if one drive fails, the data is still in the other.1

Reed-Solomon coding gives us much more flexibility, allowing us to store our data over n=k+t drives, so that any t drives can fail while still not losing data.2

Source: The essence of Reed-Solomon coding, an article by Francesco Mazzoli.

Getting Started with Google APIs in Python

Google has literally hundreds of APIs, including ones for Gmail, Drive, Maps, Translation, Analytics and more. All of these share the same concepts like authorization, pagination or media uploads/downloads. In this article we will explore all of these concepts and also get our hands dirty with some of the above-mentioned APIs to learn about all the cool things you can do with any and all of Google's APIs.

Source: Getting Started with Google APIs in Python, an article by Martin Heinz.