Mon 31 Oct 2022

Golang Aha! Moments: Generics

I work with Golang every day as a developer on the OpenZiti project. In learning Go, I've hit various stumbling blocks, settled on some best practices and hopefully gotten better at writing Go code. This series exists to share some of the 'Aha!' moments I've had overcoming obstacles and finding solutions that sparked joy.

Source: Golang Aha! Moments: Generics, an article by Paul Lorenz.


Extensions are executable code bundles, in one app that perform functions in a second, host app. Host apps declare extension points that control the kinds of functionality its extensions can implement. Extensions allow iOS and Mac apps to include code that runs inside system apps. For example, Messages provides extension points so apps can create iMessage Apps. Messages automatically finds extension bundles that target its extension points and makes them available in its app drawer. A Mac app can also declare its own extension points so that other apps can extend the Mac app’s functionality.

Source: ExtensionKit.