Tue 20 Sep 2022

Under-documented Kubernetes Security Tips

The fast proliferation of Kubernetes has meant that many more organizations are running Kubernetes without the personnel or the money to secure it properly. And yes, that includes you, "person who is primarily a developer, but deployed an GKE cluster 6 months ago while following the CIS benchmarks and hasn't looked at it since, thinking it's super secure because it's 'managed' by Google". Hopefully this collection of tips will help you out!

Source: Under-documented Kubernetes Security Tips, an article by Mac Chaffee.


redframes (rectangular data frames) is a data manipulation library for ML and visualization. It is fully interoperable with pandas, compatible with scikit-learn, and works great with matplotlib!

redframes prioritizes syntax over flexibility and scope. And minimizes the number-of-googles-per-lines-of-code™ so that you can focus on the work that matters most.

Source: redframes, an article by Max Humber.