Sat 17 Sep 2022

Ten challenges for Rust

Rust is in a pretty good place; it is getting more and more popular, has more and more contributors, and is used in some pretty significant places. However, it is a time of flux and change, and transitioning from a research project then a new, rapidly changing language to a popular, established project is a difficult change.

Here, I want to describe what I think are the ten biggest challenges for Rust for now and the next few years. I have some ideas for solutions, but they are all big, difficult questions with no simple answer, so the real solutions will all take iteration, energy, and creativity. My focus is on the core project; there are many challenges for the community and ecosystem (e.g., how to make GUIs with Rust, or how to get more crates to 1.0) which I think must be primarily solved by the community.

Source: Ten challenges for Rust, an article by Nick Cameron.

Photography for geeks

Billions of people carry cameras in their pockets and use them to document their lives. Yet, despite the democratization of the hardware, the knowledge of photographic techniques remains elusive. Countless books, webpages, and YouTube videos purport to offer advice, but tend to dwell on topics of little consequence - such as shopping for gear or memorizing made-up rules of composition that seldom make for a good shot.

I'm not a pro, but I dabbled in photography for more than two decades - and after making countless mistakes, I have gotten fairly good. This page is an impassioned contrarian take on what it takes to snap great photos, along with a set of simple experiments that can be repeated at home.

Source: Photography for geeks, an article by Michal Zalewski.

Metaprogramming in Python

Just like metadata is data about data, metaprogramming is writing programs that manipulate programs. It's a common perception that metaprograms are the programs that generate other programs. But the paradigm is even broader. All of the programs designed to read, analyze, transform, or modify themselves are examples of metaprogramming.

Source: Metaprogramming in Python, an article by Satwik Kansal.