Wed 14 Sep 2022

Swift 5.7 Released!

Swift 5.7 is now officially released! Swift 5.7 includes major additions to the language and standard library, enhancements to the compiler for a better developer experience, improvements to tools in the Swift ecosystem including SourceKit-LSP and the Swift Package Manager, refined Windows support, and more.

Source: Swift 5.7 Released!, an article by Holly Borla.

Writing A Lisp Interpreter In Haskell

A while ago, after what now seems like eternity of flirting with Haskell articles and papers, I finally crossed the boundary between theory and practice and downloaded a Haskell compiler. I decided to do a field evaluation of the language by two means. I was going to solve a problem in a domain that Haskell is known to excel at followed by a real world problem1 that hasn't had much exploration in Haskell2. Picking the problems was easy. There's a lot of folklore that suggests Haskell is great for building compilers and interpreters so I didn't have to think long to a pick a problem that would be self contained, reasonably short, and fun - writing an interpreter of a Lisp dialect. For the second test case I decided to go with a web application - plenty of people are writing them for money and there hasn't been much Haskell-related work done in this area.

Source: Writing A Lisp Interpreter In Haskell, an article by Slava Akhmechet.