Mon 12 Sep 2022

The M1 iPad Pro

My iPad Mini 5 is great and I love it to bits, but I have been feeling the need for a bigger screen for a while (my high myopia offsets age-related presbyopia a bit, but every Winter I find it a little harder to look at small screens in the evenings), and even though the iPad Air might have been cheaper in a regular situation there was also a little pressure to get something that could tide me over during the looming recession.

But feature-wise, the Pro’s amazing ProMotion display and Thunderbolt support really sealed the deal.

Source: The M1 iPad Pro, an article by Rui Carmo.

Write Your Own Task Queue

This is not a tutorial on how to write your own task queue, but rather an attempt to convince you that you should write your own.

What’s a “task queue” in this context? For the purposes of this post, a task queue is a system for performing work out of band from a user interaction, often at some later time. Typically this is a core component of many web apps, and is used for performing long running tasks or things that can fail and may need to be retried like sending emails.

So, why write your own? In short: task queues have many properties and tradeoffs that make it hard to find one that fits requirements perfectly, and with the world class open-source software we have available today they can be relatively quick to write from scratch1.

Source: Write Your Own Task Queue, an article by Dan Palmer.