Fri 09 Sep 2022

This is not your grandfather’s Perl

If you were to search the internet for recent articles about Perl, you might well be led to believe that the language hasn’t changed in the last twenty years. And, sadly, that’s a completely understandable belief as the major version number hasn’t changed since 1994.

Source: This is not your grandfather's Perl, an article by Dave Cross.

Optimising Docker Layers for Better Caching with Nix

Nix has been able to generate Docker images for several years now, however the typical approach to layering with Nix is to generate one fat image with all of the dependencies. This fat image offers no sharing, is slow to build, upload, and download.

In this post I talk about how I fix this problem and use Nix to automatically create multi-layered Docker images, allowing a high amount of caching between images.

Source: Optimising Docker Layers for Better Caching with Nix, an article by Graham Christensen.