Thu 04 Aug 2022

Testing Code That is Difficult to Test (With Perl)

Code that performs side effects is difficult to test because we need figure out how to sandbox the effects so we can observe the state of the sandbox before and after executing the effectful code. The difficulty is increased when the side effectful code also depends on specific OS configurations. Let us explore my solution to such a predicament.

Source: Testing Code That is Difficult to Test (With Perl), an article by Nicholas Hubbard.

The tools I use to build my website

Every so often I get an email from someone starting out in web development who asks something along these lines: “What do you use to create your website, Do you use a Content Management System? What theme do you use?”

I generally reply with a brief response, saying how I like to keep it simple: I use my text editor to write Markdown files, test locally using the Jekyll static site generator, and then push them live to GitHub Pages using a Git tool. I don’t use a fancy “theme”, just a simple layout I created using a few dozen lines of HTML and CSS.

Source: The tools I use to build my website, an article by Ben Hoyt.