Wed 15 Jun 2022

Why Duck Typing Is Safe

I have seen a lot of programmers over the years express concerns; what if something accidentally conforms to an interface and causes some horrible bug? What if I have an interface for Shoot() for a video game and some object wanders in that Shoot()s a real gun by accident? Isn't it safer to formally declare conformance?

Source: Why Duck Typing Is Safe, an article by Jeremy Bowers.

NixOS: Confederation

As I’ve journeyed deeper into the world of NixOS I have realized that there were some major issues with the way I managed machine configurations. What I’m presenting here is the outcome of that cleanup work.

Source: NixOS: Confederation, an article by Martin Myrseth.

Illustrating the duality of closures and objects

I was recently reading the first few chapters of Software Design for Flexibility (SDF). Doing so reminded of the duality between closures in Functional Programming (FP) and object instances in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). When I'd heard it previously this connection had seemed tenuous at best and irrelevant at worst. However when I considered this duality this last time, I was able to internalize its significance.

Source: Illustrating the duality of closures and objects, an article by Jonathan E. Magen.