Thu 05 May 2022

Sheba the Maine Coon

After work I went to a nearby Burger King to join Esme, Adam, Alice, and Esme's coworker. The latter had brought her Maine Coon with her to show him to us.

Adam holding Sheba the Maine Coon
Adam holding Sheba the Maine Coon.

The cat was fine with being held as we took turns holding and petting it. After dinner at Burger King we walked to Starbucks to have a coffee.

USB Cheat Sheet

I spend time investigating a non-existing bug today because I misunderstood a USB term. So I made myself a cheat sheet. Maybe it will save time to someone.

Source: USB Cheat Sheet, an article by Fabien Sanglard.

PEP 690 – Lazy Imports

This PEP proposes a feature to transparently defer the execution of imported modules until the moment when an imported object is used. Since Python programs commonly import many more modules than a single invocation of the program is likely to use in practice, lazy imports can greatly reduce the overall number of modules loaded, improving startup time and memory usage. Lazy imports also mostly eliminate the risk of import cycles.

Source: PEP 690 – Lazy Imports, an article by Germán Méndez Bravo and Carl Meyer.