Mon 21 Feb 2022

Two Books on Java

In the evening the two books I ordered from Amazon last Friday evening arrived:

Two books on Java I bought
The two books on Java I bought.

I want to learn more about writing microservices in Java using Spring Boot. As my knowledge of Java is severely outdated I decided to buy the Complete reference by Herbert Schildt. And for the microservices part, after reading several reviews, I decided on Spring Boot Up & Running by Mark Heckler.

Nix Flakes: an Introduction

Nix is a package manager that lets you have a more deterministic view of your software dependencies and build processes. One if its biggest weaknesses out of the box is that there are very few conventions on how projects using Nix should work together. It's like having a build system but also having to configure systems to run software yourself. This could mean copying a NixOS module out of the project's git repo, writing your own or more. In contrast to this, Nix flakes define a set of conventions for how software can be build, run, integrated and deployed without having to rely on external tools such as Niv or Lorri to help you do basic tasks in a timely manner.

Source: Nix Flakes: an Introduction, an article by Christine Dodrill.

Learn Makefiles With the tastiest examples

I built this guide because I could never quite wrap my head around Makefiles. They seemed awash with hidden rules and esoteric symbols, and asking simple questions didn’t yield simple answers. To solve this, I sat down for several weekends and read everything I could about Makefiles. I've condensed the most critical knowledge into this guide. Each topic has a brief description and a self contained example that you can run yourself.

Source: Makefile Tutorial By Example, an article by Chase Lambert.