Tue 28 Dec 2021

5 lessons learned when I TDD an algorithm in JavaScript

I just found out that Uncle Bob wrote an article about TDDing the Diamond Square algorithm (yea, I’m slow on catching up sometimes).

In the article, Uncle Bob leads us through a way to TDD an algorithm. It’s pretty nice and gave me a few insights as to how to mock and test in intervals until the algorithm emerges.

Problem is – Uncle Bob’s code is not JavaScript!!!

So I set down and reimplemented the algorithm. This time, I used the lessons learned from Uncle Bob’s article.

Source: 5 lessons learned when I TDD an algorithm in JavaScript, an article by Yonatan Kra.

Optimizing Postgres Queries at Scale

Heap's thousands of customers can build queries in the Heap UI to answer almost any question about how users are using their product. Optimizing all of these queries across all our customers presents special challenges you wouldn't typically encounter if you were optimizing the performance of a small set of queries within a typical app.

This post is about why this scale requires us to conduct performance experiments to optimize our SQL, and it details how we conduct those experiments.

Source: Optimizing Postgres Queries at Scale, an article by Matt Dupree.