Fri 24 Dec 2021

Tools You Should Know About: nix-shell

I've been aware of the Nix toolset for over a decade now, but until recently it's always looked like it required a pretty big investment. Most of the documentation I've come across explains what the benefits are and how the tooling works in order to deliver those benefits, but always from the perspective of wanting to build a project using Nix as your build system. And, well, I usually already have a build system I'm pretty happy with, and I've never bit the bullet and actually learned the pretty arcane syntax of the Nix language.

Source: Tools You Should Know About: nix-shell, an article by Gary Verhaegen.

That Is Not How Your Brain Works

As a neuroscientist, I see scientific myths about the brain repeated regularly in the media and corners of academic research. Three of them, in particular, stand out for correction. After all, each of us has a brain, so it’s critical to understand how that three-pound blob between your ears works.

Source: That Is Not How Your Brain Works, an article by Lisa Feldman Barrett.

Five Tips For a Healthier Postgres Database in the New Year

It's been a busy year building Crunchy Bridge and we've shipped a lot of new awesome things. Instead of doing a wrap-up of all the growth and exciting features, instead I wanted to take the time to try to teach a few more things to those that follow us. While onboarding customer after customer this year I've noted a few key things everyone should put in place right away - to either improve the health of your database or to save yourself from a bad day.

Source: Five Tips For a Healthier Postgres Database in the New Year, an article by Craig Kerstiens.