Wed 22 Dec 2021

FreeBSD, Jails and SYSV IPC

I run all my stuff in FreeBSD jails which used to make things even more complicated, because SYSV IPC stuff wasn't namespaced, so two jails with allow.sysvipc=1 could see and modify each others shared memory and semaphores - not ideal. In FreeBSD 11 and beyond this is no longer an issue, as I will demonstrate later in this post.

Source: FreeBSD, Jails and SYSV IPC, an article by Thomas Steen Rasmussen.

Parser Combinators in Haskell

Welcome! If you are reading this, you likely have decided to take on the journey of learning parser combinators. We hope this article will make your adventure smoother and hopefully give you a strong foundation for writing your grammars.

This article is composed of three major parts. In the first part, we will implement a small parser combinator library from scratch, which should hopefully help to give a feeling of how industrial-strength parsing combinators work. In the second part, we will learn how to use the Megaparsec library to implement a parser for S-expressions. Finally, as a bonus, we will use the power of Template Haskell to implement a quasi-quoter for our parser.

Source: Parser Combinators in Haskell, an article by Heitor Toledo Lassarote de Paula.