Wed 15 Dec 2021

How not to learn Rust

I've seen too many good programmers struggle learning Rust, or even give up.

Here are the mistakes I've seen which may make you fail at learning Rust. I hope this list will help you avoid them.

Source: How not to learn Rust, an article by Denys Séguret.

Tutorial: Getting started with generics

This tutorial introduces the basics of generics in Go. With generics, you can declare and use functions or types that are written to work with any of a set of types provided by calling code.

In this tutorial, you’ll declare two simple non-generic functions, then capture the same logic in a single generic function.

Source: Tutorial: Getting started with generics.

::before vs :before

Note the double-colon ::before versus the single-colon :before. Which one is correct?

Technically, the correct answer is ::before. But that doesn’t mean you should automatically use it.

Source: ::before vs :before, an article by Chris Coyier.