Thu 25 Nov 2021

The fish shell is amazing

I’ve been lurking the fish shell for a couple of years now (and the nushell but it is another story for another time). Not so long ago, I decided to try it, and it’s simply… amazing. If I had to state one feature that makes me like to use it, it’ll be the autocompletion, hands down. It’s the first time I just take a shell and without customization it’s pleasing to use.

Source: The fish shell is amazing, an article by Rufus Mairo.

The Varieties of the Haskelling Experience

Recently, a group of Haskellers within Tweag had a knowledge-sharing event where we shared our varied Haskell setups with each other, and learned some nice tricks and tips for every-day life.

The idea was raised of sharing these findings via the blog, so without further ado, let’s explore the varieties of the Tweag Haskelling experience by covering a few of our personal setups!

Source: The Varieties of the Haskelling Experience, an article by Noon van der Silk.

Transformers from Scratch

Transformers were introduced in this 2017 paper as a tool for sequence transduction—converting one sequence of symbols to another. The most popular examples of this are translation, as in English to German. It has also been modified to perform sequence completion—given a starting prompt, carry on in the same vein and style. They have quickly become an indispensible tool for research and product development in natural language processing.

Source: Transformers from Scratch, an article by Brandon Rohrer.