Fri 19 Nov 2021

Parsing Permutations

My favorite game is bridge. It’s an excellent test of cooperation and strategy. I’m in a discord chat devoted mostly to the game and folks often share interesting bridge hands with one another. I decided it would be fun to build a program that parsed a simply-formatted bridge hand and produced a plain text bridge diagram.

Source: Parsing Permutations, an article by Drew Olson.

Learning Containers From The Bottom Up

When I started using containers back in 2015, my initial understanding was that they were just lightweight virtual machines with a subsecond startup time. With such a rough idea in my head, it was easy to follow tutorials from the Internet on how to put a Python or a Node.js application into a container. But pretty quickly, I realized that thinking of containers as of VMs is a risky oversimplification that doesn't allow me to judge:

  • What's doable with containers and what's not
  • What's an idiomatic use of containers and what's not
  • What's safe to run in containers and what's not.

Source: Learning Containers From The Bottom Up, an article by Ivan Velichko.